At a glance – VisionLink key features


VisionLink helps you to understand complex network structures and visualise through a graph relationships between entities (whether a company or person)


VisionLink provides a user-friendly and powerful interface to graph databases within clicks


Unification and synthesis of big data in the context of Compliance, CRM investigation, Business Intelligence, social network analysis, etc...

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VisionLink helps to shed light on hidden patterns and trends in order to prevent reputational & financial risks

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Technology – VisionLink Key differentiators


  • Visualise your data in a click: a picture is worth a 1000 words
  • Understand & Analyse easily your data 
  • Prevent reputational & financial damage
  • Flag potential risks
  • Maximize your business opportunities 


  • An easy way to make complex queries about your Big Data
  • 100% user friendly
  • Exploit cutting-edge network analysis techniques
  • Enhance search and navigation of your information
  • A native graph database structure
  • Connectors for SQL and NOSQL repositories